A fantastic book.
- Aidan Cooney, Ireland AM, TV3 Television in interview with John G. Murphy, author.

This really is a very useful book and well worth a read as it deals with many issues from making wills, wealth management, understanding family law and relationships, inheritance, minimising your tax bill to mention but a few.
Liam Croke, “ Mr. Cash” Sunday World

Want to know about enduring power or attorney, setting up a trust, or what happens if a will is lost- or even all the things that must be considered when planning a funeral? Then Inheritance and Succession- the Complete Irish Guide is the book for you. Written by Wexford solicitors John G Murphy and Jason Dunne It’s really easy to read and benefits from having plenty of case studies that help explain complex legal matters.
- Country Living, Irish Farmers Journal

The authors have provided the public with an admirable service
- Mr. Justice Robert Barr

County Wexford solicitors, John G. Murphy and Jason Dunne have produced a book aimed at taking the mystery and worry out of inheritance and succession.
- David Medcalf, The Wexford People

This splendidly simple illustrated book is for all those who will, sooner or later, become immersed in the intricacies of law which no one in life can eventually avoid.  This means the booby traps of inheritance and succession, related property rights and obligations, problems in family law and other topics which have a personal implication on life and contentment.

The authors, both solicitors, John G. Murphy and Jason Dunne, are refreshingly qualified in the human understanding of the law. In this excellent book, they have provided explanations and advice, many humorous examples, serious help, literally from the womb to the tomb and beyond.
-Nicky Furlong in Furlong at Large, The Wexford Echo.

This book is worth a look
- Shane Dunphy, South East Radio

The book answers the demand for independent expert comment on a sensitive issue.  It also answers questions that many people might not ordinarily ask or be prompted to ask.
- Peter O’Connell of Liberties Press in Wexford People

Inheritance and Succession- The Complete Irish Guide is now in the Top 15
-Book trade report 17 September 2008.

A Fantastic book . Congratulations, It is an extremely easy book to read, easy to understand. It’s terrific.  You have a bestseller on your hands.
-Patricia Messenger, presenter, North Cork Today , Cork 103 FM

Gimme the name of that book again.  We’ll do a half hour on it next week.
- Derek Mooney with Philip McCabe , The Mooney Show, RTE Radio 1.

John G. Murphy tackles common queries on inheritance and succession.
- Sunday Independent 7th September 2008

Everyone faced issues about inheritance and succession at one time or other, and yet most people are fairly ignorant about the processes involved. Now there is a new book which will help to guide people through the issues and answer most of the related questions.
- Phil Murphy, editor, Ireland’s Own

Murphy and Dunne present their guide to this complicated area in an extremely reader-friendly way… The expertise of the authors should be a great help to anyone.
- Eddie Hobbs in You and Your Money.

Deirdre O`Shaughnessy talks to solicitor John G. Murphy about inheritance, succession and planning for the future as a practising solicitor since 1980, John G Murphy has seen some very difficult situations involving wills and inheritance, all of which could nave been avoided if the property owner had taken as little as one hours professional advice to get himself/herself organised.
- Deirdre O`Shaughnessy, Galway Independent, 10th September 2008

Designed as an accessible guide to help readers plan succession, manage their wealth and leave the best possible inheritance or legacy for their family.
-The Market, October 2008

The most useful guide offers the reader sound advice on minimising tax, investing for one's future needs, the importance of making a will and making the right decision on how to bequeath one's assets.
- Noel A. Doherty, Principal Officer, Courts Service News Vol.10, issue 3, October 2008

The message of the co-authors, Wexford based solicitors John G. Murphy and Jason Dunne, is quickly get to grips with making your will or updating it, put an Enduring Power of Attorney in place, make your succession plans, deploy your investments to best advantage and get all those stressful issues out of the way.  Then get living.
-The Property Professional, Winter 2008

It has been written  and laid out in a format that is easy to understand, with language that is accessible to the ordinary person yet it is highly informative and covers many important issues.
-Senior Care, 4th November 2008

There might be some  fun in writing a will if you could disinherit someone just for spite, but according to Inheritance and Succession - The Complete Irish Guide, it's not that easy to disinherit those close to you.  My formidable next-door neighbour, who did her will 25 years ago and changed it once since then, was genuinely shocked to hear that I hadn't parcelled out what I own in a formal document for distribution after I snuff it.
"Even if you only have a wheelbarrow, you don't want five people fighting over it," she said severely.  "you don't have a licence on tomorrow.  None of us has."  I do have a wheelbarrow.  I went out and looked at it after she'd gone.  It didn't look to me like a wheelbarrow two people would fight over, never mind five, but I take her point.  I'll definately make a will  and give the wheelbarrow to one specific person - whether they want it or not.
-Terry Prone, Irish Examiner, 17th November 2008

Michael and Mary Doyle's kitchen was the venue for the filming of 'Legacy' which was shot on January 10th and 11th last.  This film, scripted and directed by Michael Doyle was inspired by the short play 'Setting the Scene' and the book 'Inheritance and Succession' by John Murphy and Jason Dunne with Michael Freeman, editor and he was also facilitator of the film.
- Wexford People, Wednesday 21st January 2009

I recently read the book 'Inheritance & Succession', The Complete Irish Guide.  This was written by John G. Murphy and Jason Dunne and printed by Liberties Press.  It has become a bestseller.  I would strongly recommend it as a practical commonsense manual to dealing with all aspects of succession planning.
- Ivan Yates, Irish Examiner, 22nd January 2009

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