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Inheritance and Succession - The Complete Irish Guide by legal experts John G. Murphy and Jason Dunne takes you in easy to understand language through planning for succession, tax, care, support, will-making, how to leave a good legacy, funeral arrangements, probate, asset building and wealth protection.

Excerpts from the book

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 “Succession planning will apply mainly if you have a house, investment property, business, or farm and if you have a family. In anticipation of your senior times, you may consider that it is worth your while gradually transferring ownership and management of your home or business over to a son or daughter, niece, nephew or in-law.”

(Inheritance and Succession Page 75) 


How to make a will

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“You don’t have to make a will. However, it is logical to consider leaving your affairs in order for the next generation, or whomever you might like to benefit after you are gone. This holds true for every stage of life - whether you are a single young adult with few prized possessions, a young parent or a pensioner.
On making a will, it is you who decides who gets what after you’re gone. You decide who you would like to be your executors and who will ultimately benefit from your estate.”

(Inheritance and Succession Page 90) 


What are the tax risks?

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“The Taxman may take 20% or one fifth of your estate if you
are not careful in your inheritance and succession decisions. Much depends on your relationship to your beneficiary or beneficiaries and as such on their tax thresholds. It depends too on how you plan your tax.”

(Inheritance and Succession Page 50)

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